Zorest AI

Your Personal Nutrition Coach on WhatsApp

Effortless Nutrition Tracking

Simply snap a photo of your meal or describe it in a message. Zorest AI instantly analyzes and logs your food intake, making calorie tracking as easy as chatting with a friend.

Personalized Insights and Guidance

Receive daily reports tailored to your progress, complete with actionable tips to optimize your diet and lifestyle choices.

AI-Powered Meal Recommendations

Get suggestions for balanced, delicious meals that align with your nutritional goals and preferences.

Real-Time Support

Have nutrition questions? Ask Zorest AI anytime for immediate, evidence-based answers and advice.

Progress Visualization

Track your journey with easy-to-understand charts and graphs, all accessible through WhatsApp.

Customized Goal Setting

Set and adjust your health objectives as you progress, with Zorest AI adapting its recommendations accordingly.